full building envelope rainscreen systems

Building Envelope installation on vancouver island

With over 27 years in business, H&R Exteriors specializes in building envelope installations. As our climate continually changes, it is imperative that your exterior walls are designed to withstand challenging weather including high amounts of winds and rain. Proper wall insulation, high-efficiency windows and sufficiently sealed gaps are critical in the effectiveness of your building envelope. Building envelopes extends significant opportunities to improve sustainability and minimize long-term expenses throughout a building’s life.

Building envelopes also work to support the structure of the building, provide climate control and offer an aesthetic finish to your structure. Our experts are highly knowledgeable in local regulations and building codes and can help to ensure your exterior’s structural integrity, determine the right protection for your building’s environment and select a finish to match your design needs.


Rainscreen wall assembly is the proven method for handling water that may penetrate through cladding. Once water has passed through cladding, it’s necessary to ensure that it can escape rather than collecting behind the siding. Should water collect, there is substantial risk of mold or rot.

During the construction process, the outer layer of a wall assembly is separated from the inner wall by an air space. The air space is crafted with vertical furring strips or rainscreen drainage mats in order to permit water to flow out at the bottom. Rainscreen systems are long-lasting and energy efficient, establishing protection from incidental moisture infiltration by ensuring that water naturally travels out.

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