Marshalls Store Langford

H&R Exteriors completed exterior renovations to an existing shopping center in Langford, BC, for the new Marshalls Store. The façade of the building was outfitted with a two inch thick STO Exterior Insulation Finish System, as well as a liquid-applied vapour permeable moisture barrier system. This allowed for superior energy efficiency and climate control while preserving aesthetic quality.

In order to provide a complete overhaul of the building’s exterior, H&R Exteriors worked closely with architects and engineers throughout the project. They designed a plan that would both meet the standards of modern construction requirements while also complementing the existing shopping centre architecture. The team created high-quality bespoke materials and sourced them from reliable suppliers to guarantee durability and safety.

The Marshall Store renovation was successfully completed in 2020 and has been met with great approval from its customers due to its modern look and design. It is testament to H&R Exteriors’ commitment to providing high-quality workmanship that meets all current standards of architectural design, construction, engineering, and sustainability. The team strived for excellence in each aspect of the project from start to finish and have created an eye-catching shopping centre that will bring much delight to its visitors for many years to come.