Wilson’s Walk

H&R Exteriors proudly completed the Wilson’s Walk project in Esquimalt, BC. The project was undertaken for Townline Construction and was completed in 2016. This 9 storey affordable housing complex was constructed using Dryvit 5” thick Exterior Insulation Finish System and a liquid-applied vapour barrier moisture barrier system. The results of these materials and installation techniques have resulted in a structurally sound building with energy efficiency to match.

Wilson’s Walk was built with sustainability in mind by utilizing advanced materials that offer superior thermal protection without compromising on aesthetics or design integrity. Its high-performance insulation helps maintain consistent temperatures indoors while reducing energy consumption costs and noise pollution outside. By using advanced materials such as liquid-applied vapour barriers, Wilson’s Walk ensures tenants have access to quality housing that performs efficiently well into the future.

The team at H&R Exteriors always pay close attention to detail; from Wilson Walk’s modern aesthetic to its superior energy efficiency performance standards; we provided Townline Construction with a finished product to be proud of – one that provides comfort and improves lives for those who live within it for many years to come!